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Blixa Bargeld


Alligator shaking his fist at the world


Alligator shaking his fist at the world

turangaliiila said: And some more for the choosing meme: Foo Chan or Snowbert? Surprise Rolos next to your pillow or candy anklets? Elizabeth Fraser or Lisa Gerrard?

Goddamnit making me choose between cats is not fair to them or me but I have to go with Foo Chan’s little sad face.  The surprise Rolos were delicious but gone too soon, whereas candy anklet fun will last forever.  LIKE THEIR LOVE.  And I think Elizabeth because I listen to the Cocteau Twins more and I’ve always been awed by the amount of emotion and personality her voice radiates even when she’s singing nonsense.  Lisa sounds like a distant goddess, which is great!  But I like ‘smaller’ feel to the Twins’ music, if you see what I mean.






Some awesome Halloween themed scented candles from ~WitchCityWicks~

These look awesome!! 


i needdd

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capslockdoesntexpressmyjoy said: I feel like everyone fourteen who was aware of Evanescence would have a lot of them on their blog, or they weren't properly fourteen. 12?

I don’t think truer words have ever been spoken!  It’s a rite of passage or something.  And aside from less Evanescence because they weren’t really a thing when I was twelve (showing my age), a lot of my blogging would’ve been very similar - my outfits, my stories.  I would’ve probably also talked about being bullied a lot and I wish my younger self had had that option of an outlet and a way to get in touch with people more like-minded - but it fills me with hope to think kids now won’t have to be as alone as I was.  So we don’t end on a downer: I believe at that time I was also trying to form an all-girl nu-metal band with my cousin and might have used my blog to promote us with Paint posters.  I’d have done a lot of horror blogging, too.

turangaliiila said: 14

Actually, you could’ve picked a much more embarrassing number than that.  As memory serves I would’ve blogged about LOTR a lot and posted outfits every day and made a few passing references to being anti-war but that was about as political as I got.  I also would’ve talked about my book series with an even more annoying frequency than I do now, and at least these days I’m reasonably sure it’s on the road to being really good.  And if my musical choosiness ever gets too much for you, just remember my adolescent self would’ve had a lot of Linkin Park and Evanescence on her blog.  It was the year before I had internet access in my own home so I didn’t know any better.

I have made a wonderful discovery.

^ Everybody needs to see this!  It’s gif intensive if that’s a problem but so very worth it.

Anonymous said: "#that time i found a forgotten packet of rolos next to my pillow" -Barry White medley plays-

I was really hoping posting ~~romance~~ things would be so out of character for me that people would notice this growing tag and they have!  This made me laugh and I am ninety percent certain this is my Canadian straight cousin from the phrasing and I’m not sure why.

But yes give me any romantic or erotic phrasing and I will find a way to make it all about food.